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Download the appropriate form below, and then complete the fillable PDF.

Submit completed forms and supporting documents to 

Guide to Use of PTA Funds

The Island Lake PTA Board and members are proud to support the Island Lake community. We hope this guide will help teachers and staff members understand how to use PTA funds available to them. Reference this document before making purchases for which you intend to seek reimbursement.

Request for Payment/Reimbursement

Reimbursements will be given only for receipts dated in current fiscal year. PTA cannot guarantee reimbursement, so please refer to Guide to Use of PTA Funds document or ask PTA Treasurer or related committee chairperson for guidance on what PTA funds can/cannot cover. PTA cannot reimburse sales tax; contact Treasurer for tax-exempt letter.

Special Funding Request

Special funding requests should be made only when budgeted funds have been exhausted. In accordance with PTA and IRS guidelines, requests cannot be granted for purchases made prior to submission of request. 

Photo Release

PTA will only post photos and or names online of students whose families give written permission.

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