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Become a Member of PTA


Island Lake Elementary’s PTA supports critical academic needs, is an active voice on decisions that impact your child’s health, safety and quality of education, and builds a stronger, more inclusive school community. We invite you to join and PTA For Your Child because increasing our membership, even by one, makes it possible to:

  • Provide essential educational and curriclulum needs 

  • Host social events to strengthen school community: Bingo night, spring carnival, international night, grandparents day, and more!

  • Fund student activities: LEGO league, science fair, fifth grade picnic, 


We encourage every family in the school to become a PTA member to support the success of their child. We want a diverse membership base that reflects all of the families and needs of students at the school. PTA strengthens connections between your family, your child’s classmates and their families and teachers to build a thriving and inclusive community for everyone.

There is no wrong or right way to be involved – anything you can give, whether it’s time or money, will support your child’s potential. We invite you to join because we can do more together than apart. 

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